Websockets documentation

Websocket is a full-duplex communication protocol. See Wikipedia page for more information about Websockets.

In tada.team websockets are used to notify clients about events and voice calls.

Connecting to websocket

The URL to connect to websocket has the form of wss://web.tada.team/messaging/{team_id} where team_id is the team JID to create websocket for. This means each team has to have a separated websocket connection if you want to receive events from multiple teams.

web.tada.team can be substituted for custom domain.

Connecting to websocket requires authentication. To authenticate you must include the HTTP header token with your bot token in the connection handshake. See How to create bot on how to acquire bot token.

Event JSON objects

All events sent to or from server should be wrapped in an event object.

Event object has following fields:

  • event (string) - Name of event. For example, "client.activity".

  • confirm_id (string) - Mostly used for debugging. Should be set to any random string.

  • params (object) - The actual event object.


     "confirm_id": "75a406625c58",
     "event": "client.activity",
     "params": {
             "afk": true

This is a client.activity event sent by client to indicate that user is AFK.

List of events

Client events. These events the clients can send to server.

Server events. These events server sends to clients.